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The interesting pintxos and large drinks list combined with the quirky atmosphere makes Brunswick St’s Naked for Satan a fun place to meet friends and have an evening drink.

One downside to busy Saturday evenings is the lengthy wait for drinks. It took my friend and I a good 20 minutes to reach the bar, which was packed. It was difficult to navigate and you’ve got to be careful getting out of there with your drinks intact~, as there can be quite a bit of jostling for position (I’m envisaging Begbie in Trainspotting). It was a lot quieter, of course, when I visited on a weeknight and I feel that this is a perfect time to enjoy an evening out talking with friends. It can be very difficult to find a seat and can get a little loud on weekends but that creates a vibrant atmosphere as well, in my opinion. Really depends on your situation.


My favourite drink, the Green Apple & Cherry infused vodka with lemonade.

The infused Absolute vodkas are a real winner though – I’ve tried the Green Apple & Cherry (with lemonade) and the Salted Caramel (creamy, goes well with a touch of milk) infused vodkas. Their beer and cider list is great too, including their own brew. I enjoyed my pint of Minimum Chips. Can’t say anything for the wine list though as I know little about wine.

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Just to give you an idea of a few of the pintxos on offer at Naked for Satan.

The pintxos are fun and self-served at the bar. My personal favourite was the poached pear in red wine, walnut, and cream cheese spread on a baguette slice, a lovely combination of flavours, and the rich chocolate rum balls were delightful. There are also hot pintxos offered around by waitresses every so often. You take the toothpicks from the top of the pintxos and take them to the counter at the end of your night to pay. At $1 a pop during the week and $2 from Thursday-Saturday I believe, they’re a unique and novel way to eat; although it’s not for everyone, particularly if you’re looking for a hearty meal. I found myself surprisingly full by the end of both evenings though, it’s hard to say no.

Haven’t been able to try the rooftop bar, but by accounts from friends, it’s a lovely view. Definitely want to go back and try it again.


Naked for Satan – 285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

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